Our Manufacturing Facilities
Our manufacturing scope ranges across 10 different rigid packaging substrates along with 6 kinds of flexible packaging materials. Those material options are constantly being improved upon in terms of quality and aggressive environmental stewardship goals. We also continually test and review other materials both traditional and hybrid to keep our customers competitive and at the leading edge of any new developments.

The manufacturing process involves concept and design, preparation of moulds, installation of the mould onto the machine, setting up of production requirements, loading of plastic resins which are already prepared, moulding, cooling, inspection of finished products for quality control and packing.

The Quality of the plastic products is of a high standard and to ensure the consistency of the quality standard, the company has to insist on the following points:-
  • We need to direct our strengths of our company to let our customers feel like we are the best and only manufacturer they should do business with
  • Regular maintenance of machinery and equipment to ensure their efficient condition.
  • Use fresh plastic resins of food grade.
  • Use coloring of food grade.
  • Employ skilled and experience machine operators to run the machines
  • Provide sample for customers to approve the quality and color before actual run of the product.
  • The technician and supervisor must always keep an eye on the whole manufacturing process to ensure

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